Sunday, February 13, 2011


The two stories I’m using for assignment #1 were published from The Gainesville Sun over the weekend.

The first is my crystallizing quote featured in the third graph of this story on UF point guard Erving Walker’s game-winning lay-up in Saturday’s game against Tennessee.

"My parents always told me, don't be afraid," Walker said. "You don't got to force it, but don't be afraid to fail. And I'm not afraid to fail. I'm just going to try to do the best I can and put my team in a situation to win."

Walker’s quote emphasizes the pressure all athletes face when in a do-or-die situation. And writer Kevin Brockway did a tremendous job placing this so high in the story.

As for a crystallizing quote that was placed too low in the story, Pat Dooley’s column on UF football coach Will Muschamp Friday.

The column’s intention is to showcase the hard work coach is putting into his new job, but uses the quote, “We’re working through the nights,” in the second graph when “The only negative thing is the time I have to spend away from my family” is much better, but in the eighth paragraph.

Although both quoted are from Muschamp, the second quote means so much more because of what he said. The quote was also placed after a graph explaining Muschamp’s son having to invite a family friend for “Donuts for Dads Day” at school, which added to the quote’s effect.

But most importantly, this quote shows the true sacrifice Muschamp is going through. You can always find more time to sleep, but you can’t make up for lost time away from your family.

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