Sunday, March 27, 2011


With my new internship at, I find using Facebook as one of my most important needs as a writer because of one particular topic I’m starting to write about – football recruiting.

These players that are getting so much attention from so many schools really don’t like to talk to people at all these days, especially over the phone. With this new beat, I’m finding myself sending a lot of friend requests to these players so they can get to know me and have a feel for me so that I can in turn get a story out of them.

Once I get that story, I like to post it on that player’s wall as everyone who knows him or her get to see the exposure of someone they’re close to, while essentially just promoting the site I’m working for.

But in terms of everyday stories as well, Facebook is a major asset. You can use it to fact-check a person’s name, age or hometown, or even ask a follow up question if you interviewed them.  Some news agencies even use pictures posted on Facebook for their stories on the person or subject matter.

Like I’ve said before with all things technology, we need to fully embrace it because it helps us more than it hurts us.  

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