Sunday, January 30, 2011


The story I ran through Poligraft was about Obama Administration officials saying the President will be addressing the issue of gun control in the near future despite being quiet about the issue since the Tucson shooting incident, especially in his State of the Union address. 

Poligraft cites several sources in this story, among them are:

I think this tool is very useful in regards to sources Poligraft provides when used. I thought it was ironic that Reid, who is a Democrat, has aggregated contributions of $13,950 from the NRA, an organization that traditionally sides with Republicans. This tradition was also cited via a pie chart, which really brings light to the irony of Reid’s position, the fact that both houses are divided and if any progress will be made on legislation on this issue. 

The only problem I had with Poligraft is the array of links it provides. Although Poligraft does a great job of pointing out key facts, when you click on the link provided for those facts, you are not directed to a synopsis of that fact. Instead, you are directed towards a general page or profile on a candidate or organization. If this is changed, Poligraft would become an even greater tool for journalists and even the average person concerned about politics.  

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